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    Add: 909# Xinanjiang Lu, Yangxi Jiedao,
             Jiande,Zhejiang, China
    Tel: 0086-571-64755918
    Contact: Manager Tian
    Mobile: 0086-15957176628
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    Founded in 1998(Former: Jiande Xinhua Comprehensive Service Co., Ltd), Hangzhou Zhonghe Environmental Technological Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Zhejiang Xinhua Chemical
    Stock Co., Ltd. At present, Jiande Xinhua Comprehensive Service Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of ammonium dihydrogen
    phosphate, potassium dihydrogen phosphate and glacial acetic acid, and the main materials waste phosphoric acid,
    waste alkalis, diluted acetic acid etc. Thus, we are a recovery company of waste resources. Because of rich
    experiences in the treatment of hazardous wastes, we got the "business certificate of hazardous wastes of Zhejiang
    province (ZWFJ 50)" in July 2009 and became a only licensed chemical manufacturing enterprise in Zhejiang province
    for the comprehensive treatment of waste acids and alkalis. Now, we are specializing in the treatment of water acids
    and alkalis from other chemical manufacturers.


    Location of project: 909 Xinanjiang Lu, Xinhuacun, Yangxi Jiedao, Jiande, Zhejiang, China (Planning region of Xinhua
    base of Zhejiang Xinhua Chemical Stock Co., Ltd.)


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    Equipment Equipment
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